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Switch Girls Are Steppin’ Out April 16, 2010

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Welcome to the brand new blog just for YOU, a SWITCH girl!  This blog is designed to help you live a SWITCHED life as you go to school, go to church, hang out with friends, play sports, play instruments, and do everything else that you busy teenage girls do!

You’ll find A LOT of different stuff as you check out the blog each day. Here’s the basic schedule of what you can expect to find throughout the week:

Super Memory Sunday – Come get a verse for the week that we can all memorize together! When we learn God’s Word and store it in our hearts, it does so much for us! It keeps us from sin, teaches us how to act wisely, and encourages us when we’re down. Why wouldn’t you want to remember something that good??

Monday Motivation – Start the school week off with a quick devotion that will focus your mind on living for Christ despite the many distractions that try to get your attention.

Tuesday Fashion Flash – Pick up news about all things beauty-related! This includes clothes, makeup, accessories–you name it! We wanna keep you lookin’ good!

Wednesday Quick Quotes – The wisdom of the ages is often wrapped up in just one sentence. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised who said what!

Thriving Thursday – Another devo to help you power through the rest of the week!! Friday is almost here!

Friday Entertainment Update – Friday is fun day, right? Find out about upcoming movies, new music, books, and whatever else we might consider entertaining, so you can plan for a great weekend!

Saturday Surprise – That’s right, we’re not telling! You’ll just have to check the blog out on Saturdays to find out what weird, wacky, fun, and funny things might be on here!

So that’s basically how this blog is gonna roll!! Sometimes, we might even throw in an EXTRA post or two, just for fun! Check here every day at 2PM for the newest post!


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