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Worshipers of Image May 13, 2010

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“What’s the best way to get a guy’s attention? Is it what you say or how you look? If the best way is how you look, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time and energy working on that look. You know just what guys like, and you deliver. You wear the sexiest clothing, the latest fashion, and the sweetest-smelling perfume. And you are perfect. You can’t help it if God gave you a sweet little body. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Right?

Be careful. Thoughts like this can easily fan the flame of idolatry. You start to rely on your body to get what you want–happiness, attention, relationships. If your body is your tool for getting what you want, then you might be idolizing the flesh instead of your God.”

(from Idol Girl, p. 105, by Hayley DiMarco)

What do you worship? What constantly dominates your thoughts and demands your attention? What do you pour energy into and seek to maintain every day? What gives you delight and a sense of peace? That’s what you’re worshipping. If it’s anything but God, consider carefully His words:

Psalm 97:6-7 – “The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see his glory. All worshipers of images are put to shame, who make their boast in worthless idols; worship Him, all you gods!”

There are many, many verses that emphasize the danger and coming wrath for those who worship idols.  Don’t think you’re safe just because you go to church.  God wants your whole heart; not just a few hours of your life on Sunday and Wednesday.  Search your heart and mind and ask God to get rid of everything that demands more attention than He does.


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