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How Do You Pull It Off? September 15, 2010

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All right, girls, we want to hear from you.  You’ve heard over and over again (with good reason) that we girls should dress modestly.  And a lot of you do a really good job with that.  For some, though, dressing modestly is a challenge.  It can be hard to find appropriate and cute clothes in today’s skin-baring, tight-fitting world.

That’s why we want to hear from you.  Where do you shop for cute clothes that fit well and don’t reveal all?  Or, what are some of your favorite looks that are fashionable and keep you covered up?

I’ll share mine:  My favorite store is probably Old Navy, because they have tons of tees and polos with high necklines.  Also, they have longer length skirts & dresses, which is great for taller girls!

My favorite way to make outfits less revealing is LAYERS!  I am forever sticking tanks under V-necks, leggings under shorter dresses, and cardigans over spaghetti straps.

Okay, now I want to hear from you!  Leave your fashion sense in the comments!


One Response to “How Do You Pull It Off?”

  1. Jessica Fletcher Says:

    I shop at Charlotte Russe. They have cute clothes with lots of layers and tees. I normally wear a jacket or cardigan over my low cut tops. I don’t see how those girls can go all day at school pulling and picking at their low cut shirts! I dress for comfort and fashion. So, as Ms. Michelle Collins says, ‘Modest is the Hottest’!!!!

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