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Oh No! It’s Almost Halloween! October 20, 2010

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If you’re like me, holidays tend to creep up on you – especially ones that need advance preparation, like Halloween!  It seems I’m always fretting over a costume the day before and wondering how I could have procrastinated so long!  So, if that always happens to you, too, here’s good news – I’m making it easy for you this year.  Below are some easy, cheap costume ideas that anybody could throw together at a moment’s notice.

1) Ladybug / Butterfly: Making wings or spots is easy!  Just grab a big piece of cardboard, cut it out in the shape you want (round for ladybug, wings for butterfly), and decorate accordingly.  Punch holes in the cardboard and fit string through it to loop around your shoulders.  This will hold your wings on.  To create antenna, just buy a black headband or beanie and attach pipe cleaners to it.  Puff balls glued to the ends of the pipe cleaners are cute, too.  For the complete costume, simply don all black, attach your wings, and put on your antennae, and you’re ready to go!

2) Plane Crash / Boat Wreck Survivor – You’ll need a tank top, large t-shirt, old pair of jeans, twigs and leaves, and some dirt.  Cut the jeans unevenly around the knees, making them look ragged.  Tear holes in the large t-shirt, and rub dirt all over it.  Wear the tank top underneath.  Tease your hair or put it in a messy ponytail – adding some twigs and leaves is a nice touch.  Finally, rub dirt on your arms and legs and add “dirt” to your face (brown eyeshadow works well for fake dirt).  Oh, and don’t forget to go barefoot!

3) Girl Who Caught the Bouquet – As we all know, sometimes tossing the bouquet gets a little rough.  For this costume, wear a dress you would wear to a wedding, but make it’s buttoned wrong or missing a strap, etc.  Wear hose or tights, but rip holes in them.  Create a black eye using purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner.  A few fake scratches along your arms and cheeks are nice, too (use lip liner).  Pull your hair up in a nice knot or pretty updo, and then tousle it until it looks disheveled and half falling down.  Carrying a few dead-looking flowers is a nice touch, too.

4) Cloudy with a Chance of Rain – I have to give credit to one of my friends for this one.  She wore it to a Halloween party a few years ago.  You need light blue scrubs, cotton balls, and a water gun.  Attach the cotton balls at random places on your scrubs, making them look like little clouds.  Fill your water gun and carry it around.  When people ask what you are, spray them and then say, “Cloudy with a chance of rain.”

5) Cat / Dog – This is extremely easy.  For a cat, wear all black: black long-sleeve top, black pants or skirt/shorts with black tights underneath, and black flats or boots.  Find a long scrap of black fabric for a tail (attach to pants with a safety pin), and fashion ears from felt or black paper and a black headband.  Color in your nose and draw whiskers with black eyeliner; also, adding some eyeliner to the corners of your eyes makes them longer, like a cat’s.  For a dog, wear all brown.  Fashion ears the same way, and color in your nose, little spots on your cheeks, and a spot on your eye with brown eyeliner.


I hope these ideas help!  What are some of your favorite easy costume ideas?  Share them in the comments!


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