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That Was So Funny! November 17, 2010

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What makes you laugh? Your friends? Inside jokes? Will Ferrell? Your favorite TV show? Youtube?

Have you ever thought about how your laughter (and the causes of it) represent Jesus? Think again of what makes you laugh. How much of that would be just as funny if Jesus was hanging out with you right then? Why are some things less “funny” when we think of Jesus being around?

God designed us to laugh and enjoy life. However, it is very easy for us to find amusement in things that really aren’t pleasing to the Lord. Example: One of my favorite TV shows is The Office. It makes me laugh out loud. However, sometimes the things I’m encouraged to laugh at in the show are things that should give me sorrow as a Christian. There are plenty of jokes about sex, homosexuality, promiscuity, Christianity, and other topics that normally I would not find humorous. However, in the TV show these topics are often portrayed in such a silly way that they seem funny. But should I really be laughing?

In his article, “Thoughts on The Other Guys and a Theology of Humor,” Joel Mayward of Youth Specialties puts it this way: “We are created for joy in Christ, and laughter is an expression of that joy, but we need to be willing to check our hearts and see if our joy is directed in the right places. We need to use wisdom and discernment when watching films [or anything!] instead of acting on impulse, asking ourselves “why do I find this funny?” Is it witty, creative, smart, well-written, engaging? Is it crass, offensive, stupid, clearly trying too hard to push the boundaries? Because if Scripture is true, then my laughter reveals a part of my heart.”

Wow. If laughter truly stems from joy, what are you taking joy in? And what is your laughter saying about your heart?


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