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Bored? January 5, 2011

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“Be thankful for quiet days, when nothing special seems to be happening. Instead of being bored by the lack of action, use times of routine to seek My Face.”
~ Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

What do you normally do when you’re bored? Text a friend? Get on Facebook? Complain to your mom about your lack of social life?

When I get bored, the first thing I want to do is find something to distract me from that boredom. I call a friend, pop in a DVD, or open up a book. I try to think of anything that might entertain me until I have something more important to do.

But in the quote above, Sarah Young’s words convict me slightly. She is writing from the perspective of Jesus, so I imagine Him saying these words to me.  How often am I thankful for quiet times? And how often do I see those times as an opportunity to draw near to God? Not enough.

What about you? Have you ever thought using times of “boredom” to instead open up your Bible or pray? We all complain about being too busy, and often use that as an excuse not to spend time with the Lord. But we also all complain about being bored sometimes, which means that we do have time to spend with the Lord. We just have to recognize our opportunities.

Next time you find yourself without something to do, before you immediately search for a distraction, why not pick up your Bible? Instead of jumping on Facebook or sending out an SOS text, try taking a few minutes to stop, be quiet and pray. Ephesians 5:16 says that we should make the most of our time (i.e., use it as best we can). If you practice doing that, you should rarely find yourself truly bored.


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