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Surviving Super Bowl Sunday February 2, 2011

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If you’re like me, Super Bowl Sunday just doesn’t hold the same thrill for you that it does for the guys.  Now, like any good Southern gal I enjoy watching sports and can discourse knowledgeably about them.  But I still don’t get excited about a four- to five-hour football fest involving two teams I really couldn’t care less about.

And so, this year I would like to propose that we do something about it. No more sitting back and accepting that Super Bowl Sunday is just for the guys! Here are 5 ways for girls to liven up Super Bowl Sunday.

1) Jazz up your Super Bowl outfit – find a girls NFL tee, add some Bedazzlement if that’s your style, find some fake Super Bowl rings and flash them around.  Just because you don’t know anything about the teams doesn’t mean you can’t support one (by the way, this year’s teams are the Steelers and the Packers).

2) Learn a few key football terms and significant players’ names (not for actual knowledge – for amusement purposes). Then, drop them casually into your conversations with guys on that day. It’ll be fun to see the shock on their faces when you mention Polamalu or ask what down it is.

3) Create a girls-only table and stock it with whatever you and your girlfriends find necessary to amuse yourselves. Then, when the guys become absorbed in the game, you can paint your nails, play a game, sit and talk, do whatever! But no boys or football talk allowed.

4) Pick one team and cheer for them relentlessly the entire game.  You can make up any reason you want to like the team – cute quarterback, you like their uniform color, whatever.  This annoys guys immensely.  At the last minute, switch who you’re cheering for for a similarly silly reason.

5) Plan an alternate outing. That’s right, plan to do something entirely different with a group of girls – chances are you’ll be the only ones out! One Super Bowl Sunday, two friends and I went Spring Break bathing suit shopping instead of watching the game. And we were the only ones in Target. And it was great. Don’t be afraid to not spend the day Super Bowl-ing.

Any other good ideas, girls? Share them in the comments!


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