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The Attitude of a Servant April 13, 2011

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Read Luke 17:7-10.

In Luke 17, Jesus posed a rhetorical situation to His disciples. When He asked how the disciples would treat their servants, the answers were obvious. No master would invite their servant to eat before they did, and most masters would not say “thank you” to a servant for obeying his orders. That just wasn’t how things were done.

Our culture is not one of servants and masters; therefore, this scenario might initially seem harsh. But in Jesus’ day, mindsets were different.  Servants generally accepted their role in life, much like we accept our roles as employees when we have a job. The master was the “boss,” and a servant knew that the boss was the one whose needs came first.  A servant would not have expected to come in from working the fields and find a nice, hot dinner ready for him. He accepted that he would come in, wash up, and start working on the master’s dinner. And he wouldn’t expect a thank you–after all, his job was to serve the master.

In verse 10, Jesus made His point to the disciples: your role is not that of a master, but of a servant. He even took it a step further. Instead of simply telling them to think like servants, He emphasized that they should consider themselves “unworthy servants” who were merely doing their duty. In other words, they should think of themselves as blessed to be able to serve, instead of forced to or expectant of praise. The same is true for you. This is a week where you should be focused on serving the Lord.  While fulfilling your duties, don’t do it expecting thanks or praise or even a break.  You’ll be disappointed.  Instead, remember that you are blessed to serve–do it humbly and with joy.

Pray that God would give you the heart and mind of a true servant this week. Pray that He would empty you of the desire for personal glory and fill you with a desire to work for Him and honor Him as the Master.


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