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Flirting May 18, 2011

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Thoughts on flirting from Every Young Woman’s Battle by Shannon Etheridge & Stephen Arterburn:

“You may think it’s always okay to flirt, but that may be because you don’t understand what inappropriate flirting feels like to a guy. Letting a boy know that you are interested in a more meaningful relationship with him is one thing, but inappropriate flirting, which can also be called “teasing” or “seduction,” is another. Should you emotionally or physically stir up a guy if you have no intention of pursuing a relationship with him? Is it loving to tease someone with your attentions and affections if you have no desire to fulfill any hopes you may arouse in him?”

What do you think? Is all flirting just “fun?” Are there real consequences to flirting with guys you aren’t really into? Leave your thoughts in the Comments.


One Response to “Flirting”

  1. Rachel Brown Says:

    NO! Don’t do it! On a serious note though, flirting with words OR CLOTHING is not a great idea. Having just gone through a series about modesty with middle school girls, I was challenged in my idea of modesty as simply what we wear. Never had I really thought about modesty being the whole package… how we talk, act, treat others, dress, etc. If we have a heart of modesty, then flirting is a part of that package meaning we need to hold back our treasure for the one that God brings…. Then by all means get married and flirt with him! Wear scandlous clothes for him… in private of course. hehe

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